Our market researches

  • Qualitative and quantitative researches
  • Online and offline
  • Opt-in of Internet users panel
  • In France and some other 160 countries

Our services

  • Subcontracting of fieldworkd
  • Recruiting
  • Online fieldworks
  • Survey data processing

Focus rooms rental

  • 3 rooms for Focus Groups
  • Visio conference and Internet access
  • A room for group interviews
  • A room for training sessions


  • Van Terradot's interview by Anika Michalowska

    « We are at the eve of a new Renaissance... »

    Would the technological advances, the surge of new sources of data, trigger a mutation of the field of market researches? What is your perception of this evolution?

Welcome to Novatest website !

In a rapidly changing world, where the common landmarks are disappearing or changing.
Product or company leaders must decide quickly and well.
Who else can assist you better than a market research agency?
Because advising you is not the only thing we would do, and we rely on facts.

Novatest can draw on its twenty years experience on a large variety of markets.
We offer a large range of methodologies, from the oldest to the most recent ones, both quantitative and qualitative, in order to provide the most efficient responses to your issues.
But we are also very future oriented, and are the pioneers in France as regards online surveys, so that our clients can enjoy the benefits of this formidable research booster, which make for faster, more affordable, more efficient surveys, making them more than ever relevant.

Get all the trump cards on your side to reduce uncertainties, so that the future will hold its promises !